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about us


Greatbear analogue and digital media ltd. is a specialised niche business that has evolved from a love of audio and video tape and the associated technology.

We restore, preserve and use technologies that are quickly disappearing amid the digital revolution.

Why use greatbear analogue & digital media?

  • We love to work with all types of recordings, people and organisations
  • We source, restore and use the most appropriate playback machines for each project, keeping a collection of what are fast become rare machines and formats alive
  • We are expert at restoring damaged and deteriorated tape
  • We can adapt our services and costs to fit each digitisation project
  • We take pride in getting the best from tape
  • We offer free assessments if you’re not sure about the condition, length or content of your recording.

If you’d like to know more about what happens to your tape when you send it to us, click on this link to find out.

Areas covered

We are based in central Bristol, in the south west of England, United Kingdom but work with individuals and organisations from all over the UK and abroad.

We are happy to work with individuals and organisations from Europe and the rest of the world too.

Some tapes are either too heavy or deemed too valuable to send in the post or by courier. We can accept callers in person but please contact us before to arrange a time.


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