audio tape transfer

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audio tape transfer is our speciality!

We are experts in the restoration, accurate audio tape transfer and digital migration of analogue and digital audio tape. We can create any type of digital audio files from your analogue originals and often convert tapes to cd.

We are happy to work with small or large orders, individuals or larger organisations.

It doesn’t matter if you have one old compilation tape you’d like to hear on CD or an archive of thousands of quarter inch master recordings. These are all important to their owners and are important to us.

We have carefully invested in a range of some of the best and most appropriate machines for the transfer of older magnetic audio tape. All our transfers are made to high resolution audio files, unless otherwise discussed, using high quality Benchmark Media Systems and Lavry external analogue to digital (AD) converters.

We do not use the cheap USB record or tape machines you can buy in certain large electrical dealers or through offers in the newspapers!

While these machines may work their quality is often poor compared to our machines and they can handle tape roughly. If you have recordings that are important to you it’s worth getting the best from them by using a service such as ours.

Dolby 363 stereo A / SR noise reduction unit

audio formats supported

analogue mono / stereo tape

digital mono / stereo recordings

digital multitrack

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