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We can digitise a range of analogue and digital audio multitrack tape formats from the very narrow 8 track cassette tapes to the wide 2 inch 24 track tape reels.

We can also transfer in the digital domain 8 track and multiple track sessions in ADAT (Type I and II) and DTRS / DA88 (16 / 24bit) 8 track digital cassette formats from the 1990’s. This format could be synchronised together to create 16, 24 or sometimes 32 track and higher track counts.

At the moment we can transfer the following analogue multitrack tape formats:

analogue multitrack tape

4 track cassette / low speed / high speed / Dolby B C / dbx noise reduction (NR)

8 track cassette / dbx NR

4 track 1/4″ reel to reel / dbx type I NR

8 track 1/4″ reel to reel / Dolby C NR

8 track 1/2″ reel to reel / dbx type I NR

24 track 2″ reel to reel / Dolby A NR

digital multitrack tape

Alesis ADAT 8 track digital (Type I 16bit / Type II 24bit recordings

Tascam DTRS DA88 8 track digital 16bit / 24bit recordings

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