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1/2 inch Sony EIAJ (PAL & NTSC) / CV2100 reel to reel video



We are able to transfer all standards of 1/2 inch EIAJ reel to reel video from the US (NTSC) and UK (PAL). These commonly used Sony branded V30, V60, V30H, V60H or V62 half inch wide open reel tapes that can and often do suffer from sticky shed syndrome and require careful treatment before it’s safe and feasible to replay them.

We can also digitise Panasonic EIAJ video cartridges that are usually labelled NV-xxxx.

We are equipped for video noise reduction and overscan removal.

We can deliver your digital files in any of the following formats:  Apple Quicktime /MOV in any codec, 10 bit uncompressed (recommended), AVI in any codec; any MacOS, Windows or GNU/Linux filesystem (HFS+, NTFS or EXT3); DVCAM / miniDV and DVD.

We are happy to work with individual tapes which may be damaged and require special attention, to large orders of high functioning tapes which can be processed quickly (and everything else in-between!)


These domestic 1/2 inch open reel to reel video tapes can be particularly tricky to transfer well, due to the often deteriorated state the tapes can get into, the age and lack of availability of spares for the machines themselves and the inherent lack of tape interchangeability that this early domestic format has.

In addition to the rarity of working machines and lack of spares, many of these 1/2 inch tapes have physically degraded over the years as they can be over 40 years old. Tapes which have binder problems, shedding oxide or tapes with mould growth must be treated before a successful transfer can be made. These types of tape problem are common with this format and Sony branded V60H, V62 and V30H Helical Scan tapes can sometimes be the worst. We have sucessfully restored and digitised a range of tapes though including part of a batch found at Bristol City Football Club.

While the quality is not high with this video format and often has inherent visual issues such as dropouts, skew and head clogs due to shedding, the material recorded is sometimes of a very valuable nature and much less common than recordings made on later and often cheaper domestic equipment.



Before Betamax and VHS, the main consumer video recording formats used half inch reel to reel tape with these small suitcase sized recorders. Although aimed at consumers these were very expensive for the time. The EIAJ format in type 1, black and white and type 2, colour specification was the most popular format and will account for the majority of recordings but there was an earlier 1960’s format termed ‘skip field’ that used the same tape width but is not compatible with the later EIAJ machines. We are able to transfer both types, having Sony CV machines, Shibaden and Hitachi EIAJ models and even a Panasonic time lapse machine.


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