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N1500 / 1700


philips n1500 /n1700 transfer

We are able to transfer Philips N1500/ N1700 tape.

We can do motion compensated standards conversion from PAL to NTSC.

We are equipped for video noise reduction and overscan removal.

We can deliver your digital files in any of the following formats:  Apple Quicktime /MOV in any codec, 10 bit uncompressed (recommended), AVI in any codec; any MacOS, Windows or GNU/Linux filesystem (HFS+, NTFS or EXT3); DVCAM / miniDV and DVD.

We are happy to work with individual tapes which may be damaged and require special attention, to large orders of high functioning tapes which can be processed quickly (and everything else in-between!)

philips n1500 /n1700 problems

As one of the earliest domestic video recording formats (1974), the n1500/ n1700 are now quite old. The supply of machines and spare parts is a particular problem. As domestic machines they were not built with long term survival in mind. Video heads are hard to find, the head tips are fragile and break easily.

philips n1500 /n1700 history

In 1970 Philips developed a home videocassette format. Confusingly, Philips named this format ‘VCR’ (although it is also referred to as ‘N1500’, after the first recorder’s model number). The format was also supported by Grundig and Loewe. It used square cassettes and half-inch (1.3 cm) tape, mounted on co-axial reels, giving a recording time of one hour. The first model, available in the United Kingdom in 1972, was equipped with a crude timer that used rotary dials.

At nearly £600 (£6684 in today’s money), it was expensive and the format was relatively unsuccessful in the domestic market. This was followed by digital timer version in 1975, the N1502. In 1977 a new (and incompatible) long-play version (‘VCR-LP’) or N1700, which could use the same tapes, sold quite well to schools and colleges.


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